v2 API Documentation

API endpoints of NewsCatcher News API

There's a lot that can be done using our news API, and we are constantly working on new endpoints/functions that might make your job easier for you. That being said, these are the most commonly used methods:

Want to get the most relevant articles for your needs, use our /search endpoint. It enables you to filter out millions of articles based on keywords, publish date, language, country of origin, and more.

Search News

Latest Headlines /latest_headlines

Don't have any specific keywords you want to focus on? Just need to get the latest news articles? Use NewsCatcer's /latest_headlines method. You can still filter the results on their country, language, topic, sources, etc, but no keywords.

Latest Headlines

Sources /sources

Need to check if we scrape the media outlets you need? Use our /sources endpoint to fetch the list of all sources we have. You can filter the results using language, country, and topic.


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