Projects Done via NewsCatcher

The Goal of this project is to build a website where you can find news that challenge your existing biases and believes in order for everyone to break out of their news bubble and in the end to foster understanding of opposing political views. You can better understand people with a different opinion if you are informed about (badum tsss 🥁)

2. newscatcherapi browser by Ketan Sinha

A visual browser for the Free News API by Newscatcher. Deployed on Vercel:

3. post-generator by João Pedro Barbosa

A post generator using the NewsCatcher News API.

4. weather-news-app by ADITI DWIVEDI

A Javascript weather & news Application that fetches data from OpenWeatherMap API and NewsCatcher API

5. Midnight Express by Shivam Sharma

News website made using reactJS which fetches news articles from the web using Newscatcher API

6. News Giant by Jeremy

News Giant is a search-based news aggregator that sources articles from left, center, and right media outlets. The application leverages the NewsCatcher API.

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