Authentication 🗝

Understand how to authenticate using your unique API key

The Authentication is done via the x-api-key HTTP Header.

For example, if your API key is your_key_1

from newscatcherapi import NewsCatcherApiClient

API_KEY = 'your_key_1'

newscatcherapi = NewsCatcherApiClient(x_api_key=API_KEY)

news_articles = newscatcherapi.get_search(q="Tesla")

Get your API key by registering at

Be mindful of your account type while making calls. Different types have different limits on the total API calls you can make, the number of calls/second, and the publication dates of the articles. Here's a table for quick reference:

Free TrialProEnterprise

10,000 calls

250,000 calls/mo

custom limits

1 API call/second

5 API calls/second

custom limits

upto 2 week old articles

all available articles

all available articles

You can check your account type in the dashboard

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