Migrate from V1/RapidAPI

Starting September 2021, we will onboard new users via our own internal API Management platform.

What's new?

Migrating on our own Managing Platform is a well-considered step that goes align with V2 of Our News API.

In V2 we improved:

  • Extraction Algorithms. We now are able to extract news from almost any website.

  • Over 60 000 news sources. Compare to 30 000 in V1.

  • Around 1 million a day. Compare to 400k in V1.

  • New Parameters.

  • New output variables are given for each article. published_date_precision, is_opinion, twitter_account

New Parameters

published_date_precision There are 3 types of date precision we define:

  • full — day and time of an article is correctly identified with the appropriate timezone

  • timezone unknown — day and time of an article is correctly identified without timezone

  • date — only the day is identified without an exact time

countries and not_countries are now used instead of country and now multiple countries can be searched for.

lang and not_lang are also available now.

How to migrate

If you want to migrate, you do not need a RapidAPI User account anymore. Everything will be managed by our own platform.

  • Once you have an API key, you can start making API calls on at https://api.newscatcherapi.com/v2/search. Do not forget to put into headers => x-api-key: <YOUR_API_KEY>. Check our Authentication page if something is not clear to you.

  • If you want to upgrade to Paid Plan, from your account page you should see an "Upgrade" button. If you do not, just contact us at mailto:artem@newscatcherapi.com

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