NewsCatcher API In Postman

Add Postman Collections into your own Workspace for easy NewsCatcher News API usage experience


Before proceeding with Postman integration, be sure to register at and get an API Key.

Step 1: Log in Postman (via desktop application or website) and go to the "Explore" section

Step 2: Search for NewsCatcher Public Workspace

Step 3: Fork NewsCatcher News API V2 into your environment

Step 4: Name the Collection and choose to which Workspace to add it

Step 5: Explore the Collection

I added the Fork into my own Workspace. So, once it is done, you should see:

  • Added collection on the left side with 3 endpoints

  • Authorization window where you will have to put your API key

  • Documentation page on the right

Step 6: Put your API Key into Value parameter and Save with Ctrl + S or Save button

Step 7: Go to one of the available Endpoints and make your first call

What's next?

Feel free to explore our News API by checking the Documentation page on each endpoint and use different combinations of filters and parameters to get the most relevant results.

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