Product FAQ

Do you cover only English news articles?

No, we cover multi-language worldwide news.

How many websites do you aggregate news from?

We aggregate news from over 60,000 news websites. We get up to 1.5 million news articles daily.

Do you have a platform/app/UI to interact with your data?

No, we are a data-as-a-service that delivers data over RESTful API or data files. We do not serve any kind of UI at the moment.

How to scroll through the results?

By incrementing the pageparameter you will be able to get all the results. Go check this example.

How to get more than 10,000 articles per call?

You can do it only by breaking down your search into small parts by using the published_date or other parameters. You can check this example.

Do you deduplicate news articles?

Yes. We use 2-factor deduplication. Firstly we deduplicate by URL. Secondly, we deduplicate by ID, generated using a combination of title and clean_url (Web Domain Name).

What is the rank parameter? How do you calculate it?

Our rankparameter is based on the Majestic Million rank system. The smaller the rank, the more trustful is the website domain.

I want to know how many people read each article. Or, what is the pageview of each article?

This information is only known to the website owners if they track these analytics somehow. It is not possible for an outsider to get this information. If you find a similar News API that can provide such info - please let us know.

Can I use content from your API on my platform/website?

Our service aggregates publicly available web pages. We do not own any copyright.


Info coming soon

Can you add a news website per request?

Yes, for Enterprise clients we can add websites per request (in case we do not support them already)

Can you serve data via SFTP/S3/data dumps?

Yes, our Enterprise clients can have full access to our data.

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