Search By URL

Now, you can refine your search results by utilizing the links mentioned within news articles. We have implemented a process to parse and index all the links in these articles. To facilitate this, we offer two parameters that enable you to search for news articles using links:

  1. all_domain_links: With this parameter, you can search based on a website's domain. For instance, if you want to find all articles that include a link to a small startup (such as ours 🥺), and you don't have a preference for the specific section of the startup's website the link points to, you need to verify the domain. You can achieve this with the following query:

all_domain_links = ''
  1. all_links: This parameter allows you to search for articles with specific complete URLs mentioned within them. For example, suppose you want to include articles that link to our LinkedIn profile URL. In such a case, searching solely by domain could lead to false positives. Instead, you can use the 'all_links' parameter like this:

all_links = ''

These parameters provide powerful options to refine your search based on the presence of links within news articles, whether you're interested in specific domains or complete URLs.

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