Quick Start 🏎

~2 mins to get started

1. Claim your API Key

Go to to create your account.
Use your work email to get 10,000 free API calls instead of 1,000 for personal emails.
After registration, you will get access to your account's Dashboard where you will find your unique API key:

2. Make your first API call

Replace your_key_1 with your personal API key. You can make your first API call in the terminal using cURL:
curl -XGET '' -H 'x-api-key: your_key_1'
See more examples of how to make your first call in different programming languages in our Your First Call page.

3. In-depth API Documentation

4. Guides, Tutorials, Use Cases, Code Snippets

We're a developer-first startup. Both co-founders are devs as well. We want you to be able to use our API without the need to talk to a sales rep.
We're going to consistently iterate over the docs. Adding more code snippets, examples, tutorials, and guides to make your life easier.
Hope you enjoy our Documentation. In any case, we're always happy to hear from you: artem [at] and maksym [at]